All Saints Episcopal Church in Chicago

New Orleans and Coastal Louisiana Outreach 

norleans2.minThis past August marked the tenth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. Since Katrina hit, All Saints’ has sent 14 teams to Louisiana to help in recovery and rebuilding efforts. We’ve raised over $90,000 to help in these efforts. The first few years, teams spent all of their time in New Orleans gutting and rebuilding homes. About 5 years ago, we learned of the importance of the wetlands in protecting New Orleans by acting as buffer during storm surges. This also brought to our attention the rapid loss of wetlands due to many man-made factors. Since then we’ve spent part of our trips volunteering to help restore the wetlands.

In April 2015, we sent our 14th group to Louisiana. This eleven-member team spent several days in New Orleans working with Jericho Road Episcopal Housing Initiative to help revitalize housing opportunities in the city. Then, the team went down to the bayou to work for Barataria Terrebonne National Estuary Project (BTENP) on a wetland restoration project.

We continue to make donations to both Jericho Road and All Souls Episcopal Church and Community Center, a mission church in the Lower Ninth Ward that was started after Katrina.

The group is now discerning future trips. Any future trips will be announced in the All Saints’ email newsletters. If you have questions or are interested in learning more, please contact Rob Book or Lynn Bowers.