All Saints Episcopal Church in Chicago

Justice Matters

We are taking this time as a congregation to identify, declare, and commit to what it means to share life within God's Beloved community.

The work that has been done to date has lead the All Saints' Community to join the communal cry that Black Lives Matter and face what it means to raise our awareness as individuals and as a community – what it means to move from awareness to action.

For more information on our work contact Staycie Flint or Bonnie Perry.

Here is a guide we used to focus our conversation of the initial draft of our Theological Statement on Race on Sunday, February 7, 2016.

Here is a list of thought-provoking resources.

This second version of our theological statement on race comes from a yearlong process of wrestling with the sins of systemic racism and the existence of special privileges and rights offered to people who are identified as “white” in our society. This statement is a draft. This is our second draft. It is a dynamic document, in flux, and this version is merely a waypoint for our reflection.

Our Justice Matters group offers this statement with the hope that we may find it an informative piece on which to focus some of our prayer and action in these coming days.

Theological Statement on Race

The blood of the dead and the cries of the living are calling us
     to repent for our sins of racism.

We confess that when we do nothing,
     we permit the neglect, abuse, and murder
          of our black and brown sisters and brothers.

God yearns for us to care, to act, for all to be set free.

Longing for justice, learning from history,
     listing to voices of truth,
          we vow, with God’s help,
               to claim our responsibilities to overturn,
                    systems of racial inequality.

And so we build the beloved community of God.