All Saints Episcopal Church in Chicago

Things Done 2014


Mexican Fiesta, Saturday, May 10

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! We built a truck! 


The net proceeds from the Fiesta exceeded our goal of $7000! This should enable the people of Santa María to buy the used pickup truck that they need to get back to their work in the neighborhoods of Xalapa.

The band was fantastic, the food was plentiful and delicious, the Margaritas were sabrosas, we all had a great time, and Maestra Laura’s dancing at the end was spectacular!

Thanks to everyone who bought a ticket, drank Margaritas (and voted), made a donation, donated auction items, bid on fabulous auction items as well as truck parts, and helped put our Fiesta together.

Summer trip

A group from All Saints’ will be visiting Santa María Virgen in Xalapa during August (don’t worry, Xalapa is in the mountains and doesn’t get too hot). If you’d like to join us or find out more about our trip, click here, pick up a brochure at the back of the church or contact us at It is always a wonderful experience.

—Dave and Karen Howe

Ravenswood Run Sunday, April 27

Many thanks to all of the runners, volunteers and sponsors that helped to make the 18th Ravenswood Run a great success. The run sold out for the 2nd year in a row! Special thanks to our race partners Fleet Feet Sports and Ravenswood Community Services, our pancake breakfast sponsor the Ravenswood Event Center, and race sponsor O'Shaughnessey's Pub. The proceeds from the race will make a big difference in the local community, buying groceries for the Ravenswood Community Services Food Pantry and Community Kitchen and supporting the student health centers at Lakeview and Amundsen high schools.

Save the date for next year's race: Sunday, April 26th.

Africa Bake Auction Sunday, February 23


Thank You

A big shout out to all the Friends of Sudan group that helped make our 2014 All Saints' Episcopal Church bake auction a miraculous success with bringing in over $25,000! Thanks to Joey Sylvester for being the Queen of the silent auction tables; to her helpers Alison Ball Mankowski, Courtney Mankowski, Colleen Mulcahy, Karen Schrage, Barb Giloth, David Gee and Zach, and Caty Norman-Burke; to our check-out specialists Gina Shropshire, Michael Mattson, Liz Morris and their church school helpers; to Anneliese Gallagher and Polly Tangora for their work with the children in collecting donations, baking, decorating, selling cookies and walking around the items for the live auction; Andrea Knepper for her media support; to Andrew Freeman for administrative support; and to Bonnie A. Perry for her never ending dedication and support of our commitment to Renk Diocese. Finally thanks to our auctioneers Nick Hatzis and Andrea Smith Garland who did a super bang up job bringing in that $25K!!! What a great team and awesome team work! You're all just the best! Thanks ever so much!!! Mama Connie (Connie Wilson)


Many of you will remember South Sudanese Lost Boy, Nak Nun, who periodically joined us at All Saints' between 2005-7. Nak and his family were helped by many at All Saints' as he reunited with his mother and sister who he had not seen for 20 years since he fled South Sudan during the early 1990s.

All Saints' has again played a major role in Nak's family. This spring, as the war raged in South Sudan, many of Nak's extended family members were still living in Duk County. He shared the imminent danger for 14 family members as the rebels attacked his village of Duk Padiet in mid March. All Saints', with proceeds for the Bake Auction, was able to provide $1,500 for transportation and food to get them out of the area. Timing could not have been more crucial. Almost 12 hours after they fled, the village was attacked again, destroying much that was left. The family is safe, making their way to safety at Kakuma, a refugee camp in Kenya.

Nak and his family want to say thank you for all the help extended over the years. All Saints' continues to prove that one person and one church can make a big difference in the world. Nak and his family will attest to that!