All Saints Episcopal Church in Chicago

Things Done 2013

Just a small sample of our accomplishments.

Stewardship Dinner Saturday, December 7

stewardshipdinner1.minA successful stewardship gathering was held on Saturday, December 7th at the rectory. 75 people braced the cold to come out to a warm dinner of pasta, salad, wine and dessert in the company of fellow parishioners. Bonnie and vestry warden Rick Lumsden welcomed everyone, followed by short talks by Margaret Ferguson, Chris Schilling, and Matty Zaradich, who all shared their stories about the importance that All Saint's has played in their lives, and the reasons they choose to make pledges of financial support. The speeches were nicely rounded out by a few words from a new parishioner, who provided a newcomer's perspective on the meaning of this community in his life, and thanked everyone for welcoming him so warmly to All Saint's.

Thank you to everyone who came out, with special thank you's going to Allan Bolchazy and Paul Mallott for great help in setting up. Another thank you to everyone who stayed late to help clean up!

All Saints' Cafe Sunday, December 8

We hosted quite a dinner party for our neighbors December 8—a detailed menu of gourmet food, live music, and well-dressed, attentive wait staff.

At the 31st All Saints Cafe, volunteers met our neighbors at the door, showed them to seats, handed them a menu, took orders, and served them a delicious meal. There was live music, there were flower centerpieces on the table, and there was an easy atmosphere of hospitality and warmth—and that atmosphere extended all the way down through the kitchen, where I was, amid dirty dishes and cheerfully earnest volunteers.

This cafe soiree is more than a meal--it is a stance of welcome and the recognition that our neighbors spend so much time on the outside looking in, so much time in lines, and so much time being asked about their needs while their wants go unacknowledged; it's about time to celebrate and serve them, moving beyond the Beatitudes and Upside-Down Kingdom language that constructs an us/them dichotomy and a sense of "flipped" in order to just be—people together at the feast experiencing abundance.

Christmas Caroling Sunday, December 15

After a most amazing traditional service of Advent Lessons and Carols, we trooped over to what some of us fondly refer to as the "annex" or O'Shaugnessy's Public House for a little less traditional but fast becoming an honored tradition of Christmas Caroling and libations!  We packed the back of the pub and even overflowed into the front.  Beau, our incredibly versatile and talented music director set up his electronic keyboard and we spent the next two hours singing our hearts out, enjoying some fine food and perhaps more than a Guinness or two!

Christmas is coming!