All Saints Episcopal Church in Chicago

Supply Cabinet (at bottom of stairs to kitchen)

We have installed two battery-operated lights on the inside of the cabinet doors. Please remember to turn them off when you lock the cabinet.

Please lock the cabinet before you leave.

  1. We try to keep all the Coffee Hour supplies except coffee and sugar in the gray cabinet at the bottom of the stairs. The coffee is kept in the cabinet above the coffee machine. The combination for the lock on this cabinet is: 10-26-1 (it is also posted unobtrusively at the top of the cabinet).
  2. Please inform Dave or Karen if we are running low on any Coffee Hour supplies.
  3. There are two plastic containers of coffee (one of regular and one of decaf) and a container of sugar stored in the cabinet over the sink next to the coffee maker. If these coffee containers are empty, refill them from the 3# cans of coffee that are stored on the middle shelf in the gray cabinet at the bottom of the stairs. Additional sugar should also be in the gray cabinet.

Preparing Coffee

1. When you set up, check to make see that coffee has been brewed. (Frequently, someone who arrives early will make coffee.) We should have two to three carafes of regular coffee and one each of hot water and decaf at the start of coffee hour. If you need to make coffee, use the coffee that is in the clear plastic containers in the cabinets over the coffee pots. Directions are posted next to the coffee maker.

2. Check occasionally during coffee hour to see if more coffee is needed and make more if necessary. If the coffee containers above the sink are empty, additional coffee can be found in the "Coffee Hour" cabinet.

Clean Up

  1. Throw out any leftover food or take it home with you. Unused cups, stirrers, tableware, and napkins should be returned to the gray cabinet at the bottom of the stairs. Please lock the cabinet before you leave.  The empty carafes should be rinsed out and stored in the cabinet over the coffee maker. If there are grounds left in the brew baskets, throw them into the trash, rinse out the brew baskets, and place them back into the coffee maker.
  2. Don't forget to empty the trash can (and replace the bag) and sweep or vacuum the carpet if a lot of crumbs are dropped. A vacuum is located in the closet between the stairs to the Wilson St. door and the little hall to the office area.