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All Saints' Episcopal Church in Chicago is a welcoming, inclusive and prayerful community, which celebrates and embodies the love of God for all people (period).

Collect for the Last Sunday after the Epiphany          

Eternal God,
you revealed to the disciples
the everlasting glory of Jesus Christ.
Grant us, who have not seen and yet believe,
the gift of your Holy Spirit,
that we may boldly live the gospel
and shine with your transforming glory,
as people changed and changing
through the redeeming presence of our Savior. Amen.


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Dear Friends,

Two important items:

Today the link for our Congregational Assessment has gone live. Here is the link. The Congregational Assessment Tool (C.A.T.) is a survey designed to offer us insights into our congregation's mission, outreach, programing, worship, pastoral care, and financial well-being. The assessment is close to a hundred mostly multiple choice questions and will take approximately 20 minutes to complete and must be done in one sitting. I invite anyone over the age of 16 who is currently invested in the life and future of All Saints, through some combination of worship attendance, participation/leadership in ministry or education and/or offering financial support, to participate in this survey.

The results are sent directly to Holy Cow Consulting (yes that is their actual name) where they will be tabulated and analyzed. All responses are anonymous. The survey closes on Monday, February 22nd. Almost every congregation in our diocese has used this survey and has been greatly enriched by the insights it offers. I very much appreciate the time you will offer to complete it. If you have questions feel free to contact me or one of our co-wardens, Anne Cadigan or Karen Schrage.

This Sunday as I said in my rector's address, we will devote our morning to reflecting on and discussing the draft theological statement that came out of our day-long retreat on institutional racism this past September. I invite you to read and spend some time with the words that follow this introduction.

But first, let me offer a few words about our process this Sunday:
We'll have each of our three services. We will omit the sermon at each service and at the 9 and 11 o'clock worship services we'll sing short hymns! At the 8 o'clock service we anticipate completing the Eucharist by 8:30. After we finish we will adjourn for a brief few minutes to allow people to leave who may not be able to join us for conversation. Then, in the pews of the sanctuary, we'll form small groups of 5 or 6 people and begin our reflections on the theological statement using a simple conversation guide.

At the 9 o'clock worship service we should finish around 9:35, adjourn, and then reconvene at 9:40. We anticipate the conversations lasting until 10:45 or so. At the 11 o'clock service we will finish the Eucharist around 11:35, adjourn, reconvene at 11:40 and continue until 12:20.

As I note in my Rector's address, we have no illusions that we will have done anything more than simply delved deeper into the issues of institutional racism and white privilege, but this is a next step on our congregational journey in ending these nefarious societal sins.

The blood of the dead is calling us to repent for our sins of racism.

We confess that when we do nothing, we permit the neglect, abuse, and murder of our black and brown sisters and brothers.

God yearns for us to care, to act, for all to be set free.

Longing for justice, learning from history, listing to voices of truth, we vow, with God's help, to claim our responsibilities to overturn, step-by-step, systems of racial inequality.

And so we build the beloved community of God.

So that all may live.

On a lighter note, we are two weeks out from our amazing Africa/South Sudan Bake Auction. Our race conversations will cut into some of our prime time for our young people to ask all of us to bake items for this stunning event. Be prepared to sign up on a clipboard asking for baked goods before or after our racial conversation or use this link to sign up online!

Our annual meeting was, an event! If you'd like an annual report we have paper copies in the sanctuary and it is also online here. Many thanks to all of you have came, the parish hall was packed. Thanks as well to all of you who provided awesome sustenance for our time together.

The fence is down around the church and now you can see completely what we have accomplished with your generous financial gifts and the amazing work of Ron Young, Larry Dieckmann, Stephen Christy and the architects at Bauer Latoza. We have $342,198 in pledges for the South and West walls. We'll begin work on them in March!

Wishing you the best,

Here is a link to download Bonnie's address.

Next Sunday, February 7, 3:00pm at St. Thomas Episcopal


The Union of Black Episcopalians Chicago will celebrate the annual Feast Day of Absalom Jones at St. Thomas Episcopal Church, Chicago on Sunday, February 7 at 3 pm. This year's speaker will be the Rev. Dr. Kelly Brown Douglas, Professor of Religion at Goucher College. All members of the Diocese of Chicago are invited to attend.

Absalom Jones was the first African-American priest in the Episcopal Church. Born into slavery, he taught himself to read using the New Testament and went on to be a pioneer of religion, social action and transformation.

February 10, 7am and 7pm

Believe it or not, but we are less than a week away from Ash Wednesday, which marks the beginning of the Season of Lent. 

We invite you to join us next Wednesday, February 10, at either 7am or 7pm for a service of Holy Eucharist and the imposition of ashes. The 7am service is somewhat abridged, and should end by 7:50am.

Sunday, February 21

Atrium III is hosting the 17th Annual Africa Bake Auction on February 21 at 10am in the Parish Hall. Please join them for a silent auction and live bidding on the best cakes and cookies you've ever tasted. Come prepared - bidding can get real! Proceeds will go to support our long time friends and partners in Africa, particularly South Sudan, Uganda and Kenya. Atrium III is gearing up for their biggest year yet. Last year they raised over $22,000 and they are planning to top that this year.

If you would like to volunteer to make cakes, cookies and other baked goods, please contact Ahn Gallagher to sign up, or click here to fill out the online form.

If you would like to volunteer to set up the day before or help out on the morning of the Bake Auction, please email Abigail Sylvester, or click here to fill out the volunteer sign up form. 

Our choirs are beginning to prepare music for Lent, Holy Week, and Easter. If you can carry a tune (reading music is a perk, but not necessary) and have been wanting to sing in a choir, but are unable to commit for a whole year, this may be your chance.

Consider committing to sing for Lent, Holy Week, Easter Vigil and Easter Sunday. There's a lot of wonderful, varied singing during those weeks, condensed into a six-week period.

If you are interested, please talk to any choir member or Scott Weidler, our Interim Director of Music.


lastsupperLenten Supper Groups Signup Available

Lent is coming and we are organizing for another round of Lenten Suppers this year. Parishioners sign up for their preferred night, and 5-week potluck dinner groups are organized at members' houses beginning the week of February 14.

If you are interested, fill out a registration form online by clicking here, or look for paper registration forms in the back of the church through February 7--the deadline. This is a great opportunity to meet others in a more intimate setting with food and fellowship.

Questions? Contact Barb Giloth at or 773/750-7266.


eveningprayerThursdays, February 11 - March 17, 6:00pm & 6:30-7:30pm

On Thursdays in Lent, Evening Prayer will be offered at the High Altar at 6:00pm. Afterwards (6:30-7:30pm), all are invited to grab dinner together at a neighborhood restaurant. And then, if you wish, come back to church for the 7:30pm Inquirer's Class or Bible Study. In this holy season, take time in stillness and in conversation to listen for God.

inquirerclassThursdays, February 11 - March 17, 7:30-9:00pm

For those new to the Christian faith or to the Episcopal Church, our 6-week Inquirer's Class is an exploration of adult spirituality by way of a "spirited" romp through

Christian history (including The Tudors), prayer, scriptures, theology, church polity, and more. This lively series offers space to question beliefs, imagine possibilities, and get to know others. It also may prepare one for adult baptism or confirmation in April (or later), if that is desired. Contact: Bonnie or Emily

Fridays 10:00-11:30am, beginning February 12 

Attention parents of children ages 0-4!  An open play group will be starting in the church nursery on Friday mornings, beginning this Friday, February 12. 

Enjoy coffee and conversation while the little ones play! Drop in whenever you can, for as little or as long as you like. Contact: Sarah Mitchell-Mace or Emily

Thursdays, February 11 - March 17, 7:30-9:00pmbiblestudy

Want to read the Bible as part of your Lenten practice? In this six-week session, we'll explore the Gospel of Mark with the help of a tiny yet deeply insightful guide called Meeting God in Mark: Reflections for the Season of Lent by Rowan Williams, a wonderful scholar and former Archbishop of Canterbury. This little guidebook - like the Gospel itself - is short enough to read in one night, but deep enough that you'll want to savor it morsel by morsel. Come "read, mark, and inwardly digest" the Scriptures in the company of friends. Contact Emily to sign up or ask questions!

All Saints' group trip: Sunday, February 14

dominosThe All Saints Refugee Ministry is organizing an outing to the Illiniois Holocaust Museum on Sunday, February 14, to see a photography exhibit about the current refugee crisis. It will feature photos and personal descriptions of items brought by Iraqi refugees when they fled and carried with them to the US. The exhibit raises questions for each of us about what we might bring if forced to flee our homes, and help each of us better understand and empathize with the current refugee experience. We will meet at O'Shaughnessy's for lunch at 12:30 and then go to the Museum from approximately 2-4pm. Tickets to the Museum are available at a discounted rate of $10 per person.

Here's the link to the exhibit.

Suggestions for December 2015
Following the racial justice workshop this past fall, a small committee was formed to find and share resources for individual actions we can take in our commitment to pursue racial equality: authors to read, events to attend, and existing initiatives to support, whether by volunteering, letter writing, or financial contribution. New initiatives will be shared each month. 
Here are some ideas for this month:
BOOK: Between the World and Me by Ta-Nehisi Coates
DISCUSSIONS: Lets Talk at Lunch. The Evanston YWCA has discussions three times per month at lunch time in rotating locations in  Evanston. Contact Eileen Heineman, co-director of the Racial Justice Program, for information and to receive email notifications. 
ATTEND our Tuesday 4PM community service to meet our neighbors and continue in creating community. 
We invite your suggestions! Ideas or information can be sent to any of the following: Mike MattsonBetty DouglasBarb DuffordAlice Wozniak.  

Please consider supporting the restoration project of our historic building. To make a donation, click here

1883 Construction web 

This week’s stories of the bell tower: The beams and posts in the bell tower are being filled with epoxy and fungicide to prevent future insect damage and to restore their strength and integrity. Here are some photos of the work currently taking place. Everywhere you see white is where the post or beam is being rebuilt, restored and protected.
The blue hue in the photo is from the tarp surrounding the bell tower enabling Ron Young and his crew to continue working in the dropping temperatures.


Here is a collection of photos of the progress of our 1883 Project. Here is a collection of bell tower photos. Check back often for updates.

Our new Associate Rector, Emily Williams Guffey, is enjoying getting to know everyone in our congregation. Help her put names and faces together by adding yourself to our online directory!

If you are a member of All Saints' and haven't already registered for the directory, please contact our resident web guru Jim Crandall at and he will send a user name, password, and instructions.

Sunday Service Times

8:00 am Inclusive Language Eucharist
9:00 am Holy Eucharist with Choir
10:00 am Children's Church School
10:00 am Coffee Hour
11:00 am Holy Eucharist with Choir


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4550 N. Hermitage in Chicago, IL 60640 (Directions)

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