All Saints’ is a loving, welcoming, inclusive and prayerful Christian community in the Anglican Communion, which celebrates and embodies the love of God for all people in and outside of our church community.

Collect for the Eleventh Sunday after Pentecost (Matthew 16:13-20)

Living God, you accept our stumbling faith, our misplaced answers, our false horizons, and through them build a way of peace: empower us to bind the wounds of the world and loose the debts of oppression, that all may confess the grace that is your work alone; through Jesus Christ, anointed for the world.  Amen. 

from Steven Shakespeare’s “Prayers for an Inclusive Church”


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Dear Friends,

It is hard to believe that we nearing the end of August, and that many of our students are already back in school. However, despite the fast approaching Fall the “Summer of Awesome” is still in full swing here at All Saints’. This Sunday please join me in welcoming me the “Praise Time Ensemble” from Ascension Lutheran Church in Riverside IL.  Beau Surratt has been making music with this group in one form another since 2006 when he served as the Music Director at Ascension. Please click here to read more about the Ensemble and all this summer's awesome music which Beau has planned for us. No doubt this will be another wonderful Sunday with fabulous music. If you have been around this Summer then you already know how rich the music has been. Beau has outdone himself!

If you have not been around the church lately please stop by and see all the wonderful work that is being done on the north wall. Check out parts of the north wall and our front doors, which have now been repainted with the historical colors! Thank you to everyone who has made a pledge to The 1883 Project

This week Ravenswood Community Services welcomed our new Volunteer Coordinator, Parker Callahan. Parker is a Julian Intern and this is his second year in the program. Please stop in and welcome him, he will be with us through July of 2015 and he has already hit the ground running. If you would like to volunteer at our meal and pantry program you may email him here

Here are some upcoming dates that you don’t want to miss!

  • Wednesday, August 27 at 7:30pm: Beer and Hymns 

  • Sunday, September 7th: Annual Backpack Blessing service
  • Saturday, September 20th 4-7:00pm: The 1883 Project Open House with tours of the church, food beverages and activities. More information will be forthcoming.
  • Sunday, October 5th: Annual Pet Blessing service. Bring your pets to church!

Please don’t hesitate to call the office should you need anything!

I will be preaching this Sunday, see you all then.

Rev. Fran Holliday

More than halfway to our goal!

As we gear up for our annual Backpack Blessing on Sunday, September 7 at the 9 and 11 am services, we are in the final stretch to reach our goal of collecting a TON of paper to be distributed to neighborhood schools. 

To date, we have collected over 1,000 pounds of paper - we are halfway there! To reach our goal by September 7th, we'll need your help! Every ream and case counts. 1,000 pounds is roughly 20 cases. Will you donate one of those 20? Staples has a great deal right now, check it out here and you can have your order delivered directly to All Saints'!

More details and updates on paper sales to come on the All Saints' Facebook page.

Wednesday, August 27 at 7:30pm
Join us for a fun night of singing and community next door at O'Shaughnessy's Public House on the corner of Wilson and Ravenswood, fondly known as the All Saints' Annex. Beverages and food are dutch treat. Hymnals are on us. 
Planning meeting this Sunday
Please join us on August 24th right after the 11am service in the Reading Room if you are interested in joining a small group focused on building community with each other and discussing interesting and challenging topics within Christianity. August 24th is our final planning meeting together after which point our agenda and curriculum will begin (starting in September). We will be meeting 2x per month right after the 11am service, at All Saints'. 
It is likely that after August 24th, this small group will be closed to new members for a period of time. If you are interested in starting a second small group, you can do so! Katherine Zwick would be happy to assist you. Please contact her at if you are unable to join this Sunday afternoon small group but are interested in starting/joining another one. 
Sunday September 7

Please mark your calendars for our annual Backpack Blessing on Sunday, September 7 at the 9 and 11 am services. Students and educators are invited to bring their backpacks and join in the blessing as we raise up and celebrate the education of our young people.

NEW THIS YEAR: We are collecting a ton of paper to be distributed to area schools following the service. Please help us meet our 2,000 lb. goal by pickingsome up when you are out running errands (donations may be dropped off at Bonnie's office) or ordering online and having the paper delivered directly to the church. Order paper from Amazon.comStaples or any vendor of your choice. All kinds of paper are needed -- copy paper, construction paper, or colored paper - and there are usually great deals this time of year. 

School leaders from our neighborhood are invited to join us for the Backpack Blessing. If there’s a school you want to include in our effort, please email to get involved! 
More details and updates on paper sales to come on the All Saints' Facebook page.
Beginning this fall, we are hoping to build on our strong ministries for children and families as well as our robust music ministry by beginning a more formal/regular children’s music program here at All Saints’. As a part of the possibility of beginning this program, I’m seeking to know of the interest of our community in supporting such a program with the time and presence of our children’s and families. 
In order to begin such a program, I would need a minimum of 5-6 families highly committed to making this happen. 
I believe that a regular children's music program as a part of our congregation would enrich the lives of our children, our larger community in general, and our church community in particular. It would be my great delight to begin building this with you all!
If you're interested in this possibility and/or you have any questions, please let me know. If there is sufficient interest, I will plan times to meet with interested families. 
For more information, click here.
Beau Surratt, Director of Music


Sometimes we do music in worship that would work better with accompanied by a band rather than just piano/organ. Do you play an instrument of any sort (guitar, bass, drums, etc. in particular, but any instrument is welcome!)? Would you be willing to rehearse and play in church occasionally? 

Give me a call or send me an email if you would or 773-458-5194. 

Here’s a YouTube video of “The Valley” by The Oh Hello’s, a band I’ve recently discovered that I really like. I bet we have enough musicians in our congregation that we could create something like this....what do you think?

Santa María Pickup Truck is blessed and ready for service!
We arrived in Xalapa on Tuesday, August 12, and found their new-to-them pickup truck beside the church waiting to be blessed and pressed into use.  The 2007 Ford Ranger, dual cab truck with 35000 miles of use was purchased using funds raised by the All Saints’, May 2014 Mexican Fiesta and money from Santa María Virgen (About 20% of the money came from SMV). Padre Bayron blessed the truck following the Friday evening service celebrating the Festival of the Virgin Mary. The festival continued through Sunday afternoon with services, music, a procession through the streets and FOOD. There was standing room only at both the Friday evening and Sunday services.

SMV is continuing to see amazing development. Both the number of attendees and, especially, the number and diversity of lay leadership have increased. The congregation is close to becoming self-supporting and outreach activities include prayer circles, street masses, a children’s reading group, regular psychological counseling sessions, and dance classes. They are working on establishing a regular medical clinic, and the new pickup truck will be a big help in reaching out to people in other areas of Xalapa.
The people very much appreciate the support that All Saints’ has been able to provide, and they would love to have visitors from All Saints’ at any time.

Our work is proceeding on schedule. All of you have seen the initial exterior work on the north wall, with the removal of the stucco cladding (ca. 1905) and exposure of the original church wall, hidden for over a century! This sample area was repaired and painted for your inspection with the procedures and colors that will be used throughout. Ron Young and his crew also dug a hole to the bottom of the foundation to ensure the exterior solidity of the brickwork. The wise builders in 1883 had actually parged the foundation exterior with a coating of mortar to prevent water infiltration. We were satisfied with their work, still largely intact, and filled the hole back in.

A number of stained glass windows have also been removed and are being repaired by our widow contractor, Opal Glass.

Largely unseen by almost everyone, however, is the ongoing work in the basement. The original dirt floor is now concrete! The entire interior foundation wall has been repaired, using hundreds of new bricks to replace ones that had simply crumbled over the last 130 years. Ron has, with his subcontractors, completed extensive repairs and upgrades to our electrical and mechanical systems. The organ remains out of service for the moment as we complete a new roomfor the organ turbine and mechanicals, again replacing the one built when the organ was installed around 1924, and now in complete disrepair.

As is to be expected in any project like this, we have run into unexpected extras. Most have been small and are simply repairs to shoddy work done in the past. However we have run into two major extras as described below.

The first is a second structural beam in poor condition. We knew we had to reinforce one beam and budgeted for it. However this second beam could not be seen at the time of our estimating, being hidden by a wall now removed. When we found it we also noted that it has been actively deteriorating, with a new split having just appeared. We have installed emergency shoring while we address the structural issues to repair it.

The second is what we call the North Vestibule. This is the small area you pass through if exiting the Sanctuary to the ramp. Some of you may have noticed here, on the north interior, a long-abandoned wooden door with a stained glass window above it.

This was an addition added after the original Sanctuary, to provide access to Wilson Avenue. Because it was clad in stucco like the rest of the building, we could not see its foundation. Well - surprise! There is no foundation under this small area! Only several cedar posts support it, a common practice a century ago since cedar lasts for decades. This is how the front vestibule was built as well - and as we know, we've run out of time with those posts too, which are failing. So we propose installing a true foundation under this North Vestibule in the same way that we will under the front vestibule in the future.

The long and short of all this description is to let you know all work is going well, and though we have additional costs there seems to be room in our budget. We simply have to repair both the second beam and address the vestibule foundation.

We will remain alert to opportunities for savings as the work proceeds.

We will keep you posted as we proceed. Please feel free to contact us with any questions, or if you wish to see the basement.

Stephen Christy

Larry Dieckmann

We need people who are willing to be ushers (two are preferred for each service) once a month, or less often if a lot of people show interest - particularly at the 9am service. The job is fairly easy and can be fun, but it requires being engaged for most of the service.
The summer is a great time to “try it out,” since there are typically fewer people at Church. Please email Lynn Bowers if you are interested in this very important ministry, or any of the others (Chalice Bearer, Reader or Leader of the Prayers of the People). She will send a checklist to guide you through the service and make sure you are paired up with one of our experienced ushers.
September 11 and 25 at 7pm: Mark Your Calendar!
The Prayer Circle will resume in the fall and will meet on Thursday, September 11 and 25 at 7:00 p.m. (in the Reading Room).
The prayer circle is an informal prayer service where participants have an opportunity to share concerns, and personal prayer requests in a confidential setting. Beverages and conversation will follow this half hour prayer gathering. This is a great opportunity to connect with others. 
For more information please contact the Rev. Fran Holliday at
The Prayer Circle is sponsored by the Pastoral Care Committee


Saturday, September 20, 2014 in the Parish Hall

Level I:  9:00-11:30am -- Learn how to keep our children safe from sexual abuse in the church and in our community. Parents of children and teens in our congregation are especially encouraged to attend. This session is mandatory for anyone working with our children or youth (or hoping to in the future!), clergy, staff, vestry, and persons providing care to home bound members of our community.

Level II:  12:30-3:00pm - How can we sustain healthy boundaries among adults in our community? How do we prevent the misuse of power as we minister to one another? How can we work together to safeguard the more vulnerable members of our community from emotional and sexual abuse? This session is open to all members of our community who are seeking to live into the fullness of our baptismal vow to “respect the dignity of all persons.” Those working with Tuesday night guests would especially benefit from this workshop. It is mandatory for leaders of programs that minister to adults, clergy, staff, vestry, and persons providing care to home bound members of our community.  

Level I will be facilitated by Norman Linde, social worker/therapist who has worked extensively in this area and is a certified trainer for KGPS. Level II will be facilitated by Chaplain Jeanne Wirpsa, also certified by the Diocese to teach this material.

Please register by Friday, September 12th so we can have adequate materials available. For further information & to sign up contact:


Our "Obscure books of the Bible" classes were a great success! We are taking a break for the summer but will reconvene again in the Fall. Mark these two dates: Wednesday, September 10 at 7pm and Thursday September 18 at 7pm. Please join us for a discussion of I and II Samuel. 

Same format as our previous gatherings. Bring yourself, a bible if you have one, and we'll read the books together and then reflect on their content and meaning for then and now. Following our discussion we may adjourn for a beverage at O'Shaughnessy's Public House.

Consider automatic bill pay through your bank instead of PayPal!

Did you know that if you pay your operating and/or capital campaign pledge via PayPal that 2-3% of the money you are donating gets paid out in fees to PayPal? It doesn't seem like much, but it can really add up. 

You can make sure all of your pledge goes to All Saints' by authorizing your bank to make these same regular payments with no fees involved! This is easily done online and we've got a guide to help show you how. Click here to get started.

Sunday Service Times

8:00 am Inclusive Language Eucharist
9:00 am Holy Eucharist with Choir
10:00 am Children's Church School
10:00 am Coffee Hour
11:00 am Holy Eucharist with Choir


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