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All Saints' Episcopal Church in Chicago is a welcoming, inclusive and prayerful community, which celebrates and embodies the love of God for all people (period).

Collect for the Fourth Sunday after the Epiphany (Mark 1:21-28)

Holy God,
your Son's authority is found in integrity and living truth,
not the assertion of power over others.
Open our imaginations to new dimensions of your love,
and heal us of all that severs us from you and one another,
that we may grow into the vision you unfold before us. Amen.



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This is the handout from the Annual Meeting that explains the development of our new logo.

Dear Friends,

Thank you. Thank you. I am so very appreciative of your kind gift to me to mark the 25th year of my ordained ministry. As some of you know in the summer I'll be traveling to a small archipelago 40 miles Northwest of the Outer Hebrides in the North Atlantic Sea. St. Kilda, as it is referred to consists of four islands, one of which, Hirta, boasts the highest sea cliffs in Great Britain. (1400 feet from the water to the top!) Because of its exposed location it is a trip that will require me to be on "my game" while paddling. While some people have paddled out by kayak to St. Kilda I'll be going out a larger boat that we will then use as our "mother ship" as we paddle around and between the islands. Reading Island of Wings, by Karin Altenberg initiated my desire to visit this remote place in the world. Here's a link if you'd like to find out more geeky facts about St. Kilda.

I am also deeply grateful to all of the people who worked so very hard in putting together, executing and cleaning up after our Annual Meeting. Sarah Mitchell, Diane Doran, Brendan Diamond, Allan Bolchazy, Paul Mallat, Lynda Hazen, Rick Lumsden and the vestry were enormously helpful. As was MaryAnne Newman, Barb Dufford and the rest of the communications committee. For those of you who missed the new logo presentation by MaryAnne, Barb and Matty Zaradich here's some background information on the logo. Also, here's a link to our 2014 Annual Report. Many thanks to MaryAnne Newman, Margaret McCamant and Andrew Freeman for producing this beautiful document.

In my rector's address I laid out some of my hopes for our work on issues of race as we go forward into 2015. Two dates I'd like for you to put on your calendars are Sunday, February 8 at 10:30 and Sunday, February 15th at 3:00. At both of these times groups of people from All Saints' will be traveling to St. Thomas Episcopal Church in Bronzeville. The trip on the 8th is simply to be a part of their Sunday morning worship. The trip on the afternoon of the 15th is to join in the celebration, honoring the anniversary of the ordination of Absalom Jones, the first African-American priest ordained in the Episcopal Church. I'll be driving down from All Saints' on the 15th so please let me know if you'd like a ride.

This Tuesday at 8:00 pm in our parish hall I invite you to join me in listening to Sarah Outen describe her human powered trip around the world. Here's a bit of what she has done thus far:

Sarah started her quest to circle the globe from London in 2011. Since then she has kayaked across the English Chanel, ridden her bike across Europe, kayaked from Russia to Japan, rowed from Japan to the Aleutian Islands then kayaked across the Aleutian Island Chain to mainland Alaska and is now riding past us on her way to Cape Cod. Where she will then leave her bike and row across the Atlantic back to London. Come hear Sarah talk about her journey. A donation of $10 to defray her expedition costs would be awesome. After Sarah's talk we will adjourn to O'Shaughnessy's. RSVP on Facebook and share the event with your friends!

I love when All Saints' can be a gathering place for the community. I particularly love it when we have world class woman explorers come tell their story!

I'll be preaching this Sunday. Our choir and Beau will be creating wonderful music. I'm looking forward to seeing all of you.



At the Annual Meeting Bonnie mentioned the photo directory. Would you like to be able to use it? Would you like your family's information and photo to be included? Are you a member of All Saints? If so, please contact me at I will send a user name, password, and instructions.

—Jim Crandall


sarahoutenAround the World to our front door: Sarah Outen’s human powered journey around the world.

Sarah will be speaking Tuesday, February 3 at 8:00 at All Saints in our Parish Hall.

Sarah started her quest to circle the globe from London in 2011. Since then she has kayaked across the English Chanel, ridden her bike across Europe, kayaked from Russia to Japan, rowed from Japan to the Aleutian Islands then kayaked across the Aleutian Island Chain to mainland Alaska and is now riding past us on her way to Cape Cod. Where she will then leave her bike and row across the Atlantic back to London. Come hear Sarah talk about her journey.

A donation of $10 to defray her expedition costs would be awesome. After Sarah’s talk we will adjourn to O’Shaughnessy’s.

The special needs support group met on Sunday, January 18. We shared, vented and more importantly laughed. Our next meeting will include the spouses. They also need to vent. Look for announcements of future get-togethers. Contact Venessa Fawley for more information.

Please join us if you’d like to participate in planning our worship during lent, holy week and Easter. We’ll be gathering after church in the Reading room around 12:30. I anticipate that we will conclude this day of planning around 2:00. Let Bonnie know if you are interested in helping—no need for any prior liturgical planning. I’ll be ordering a light lunch for us.

On Sunday, February 8 a group from All Saints is visiting St. Thomas Episcopal Church, a historically African-American church, at 3801 S. Wabash.  We may be partnering with this church to address issues of racism in our city.

If you have any questions please feel free to e-mail Karen Schrage at

February 15, 2015

ajonesThe Union of Black Episcopalians Chicago will celebrate the annual Absalom Jones Day observance at St. Thomas, Chicago (3801 South Wabash) on Sunday, February 15, 2015 at 3 pm. This year's speaker is Dr. Eddie Glaude. All members of the Diocese of Chicago are invited to attend.

Absalom Jones was an African-American abolitionist and clergyman. After founding a black congregation in 1794, he was the first African American ordained as a priest in the Episcopal Church of the United States, in 1804. —Wikipedia

Born: November 6, 1746, Sussex County, DE
Died: February 13, 1818, Philadelphia, PA

All Saints is again organizing weekly Lenten dinners, which are an opportunity for fellowship during the Lenten season and a great way to get to know people beyond coffee hour. In the past, groups have gathered at parishioners' homes or at neighborhood restaurants one night a week for food and fellowship during Lent.

There will be five weeks of dinners during weeks beginning February 22, and March 1, 8, 15 and 22. We will do our best to match you with a desired group and day of the week but depending on others' choices we may not be able to honor your first choice. The groups work best if you can commit to 3/5 of the dates.

If you are interested please register for the groups online HERE or complete a form that will be available in the back of the church. We would like to receive all forms by end of the day February 9.

Questions? Contact Barb Giloth at 773-750-7266 ( or Nancy Lischer at 773-791-5548. ( Thanks!

Do you pray? How? Do you keep a list of intentions to meditate upon while praying? Do you pray while moving? Do you pray most often alone or with other people? Do you want to pray more but feel stuck? If you’re interested in exploring the ways in which other women pray and how we may lend support to one another, please join us in our exploration of prayer and how we fit it into our lives.

Launching during Lent, 2015. Email Angie Schlater: for more information.

On Saturday, January 31st this year’s Solemn Communion group will begin meeting.

Solemn Communion offers children who are about eight years or older the opportunity to consider in a more serious way what it means to receive the Eucharist. Although in the Episcopal Church children receive the bread and wine from the time of baptism, as they grow older they are able to examine the meaning of this gift more deeply.

To do this a special time and place is set aside, apart from regular Sunday classes, for the group to meet. The children meet for five two-hour Saturday sessions, then finishing with a daylong retreat. This retreat day ends with a celebratory Eucharist planned by the children for their families.

The dates for the first 5 sessions are January 31, February 7, February 14, February 21, February 28. These meet from 9 to 11 am. The retreat will meet Friday March 6 from 4:30 to 6:30pm and Saturday March 7 from 9am to 4pm.

If your child is interested in participating, please contact Polly Tangora 773-878-7118 or

A big thank you to everyone who participated in the Advent Mitten Tree collection this December, whether by knitting and crocheting warm hats and scarves or by buying and donating all kinds of winter accessories. Lori Gee, RCS executive director, shared some numbers and facts with me:

On December 16th, we hosted 223 pantry visits. We distributed hats and gloves to everyone, and scarves to many. Our estimate is that those 223 present represent about 441 individuals. Thanks to the many generous donations we received, we were also able to send some items home for kids as well.

It was a year of abundance for the hat and glove drive at RCS, which has meant that we had enough for everyone AND we were able to take warm hats and gloves with us to the last (very cold) outdoor pantry to distribute. We even still have some in the office for those who need replacements as the winter wears on.

Our donations came from a number of places this year: the talented and generous people of All Saints, a similar group from St. Michael's in Barrington, Alderman Pawar's office, Grant and Maryann Krenger, and an inaugural program through Chicago Cares called "Warm Up Chicago.”

And as this winter wears on, remember that it’s never too early to start making (or buying at end-of-season sales) warms things for our neighbors for the winter of 2015-16. I’m gratified to be part of this community whose generosity knows no season. Thank you again for your gifts of warmth!

—Margaret McCamant

 Parishioner Scottie Caldwell is acting in Cor Theatre's production of "A Map of Virtue" by Erin Courtney.

A Map of Virtue is "A hauntingly romantic play with a mystery at its center...[it] was hailed "one of the most terrifying plays of the past decade" by the New York Times. It premiered at New York's 13P in 2012, won an Obie Award and was named a New York Times Critic's Pick."

It's an incredible little mystery of a play with a very dark center, and a tremendous cast: Will Von Vogt, Mallory Nees, Nick Mikula, Ruben David Adorno, Eleni Pappageorge, and Adam Benjamin, and our own Scottie Caldwell, all under the incredible direction of Tosha Fowler. Come see this one!

The play is at Rivendell Theatre in Edgewater (5779 N Ridge). Performances are Thursday-Saturday at 7:30pm and Sunday at 5:00pm, through February 14th. More info at:

applefamilyRichard Nelson's celebrated series of four Apple Family Plays-first commissioned by The Public Theatre in New York where they premiered on the day they are set-explores politics, change, and family dynamics. TimeLine Theatre presents the Chicago debut of two of these remarkable works (the first and third in the series), directed by All Saints' parishioner Lou Contey.


Click here for tickets and more information.


Written by All Saints' parishioner, Penny Penniston
Produced by Stage Left Theater and Theater Wit

As assistant to the celebrity pastor of an evangelical mega church, Arthur obeys orders, attacks paperwork, and guards against sin. So Arthur is surprised when the church pastor commissions a mural from Irene Hoff, an atheist New York artist married to another woman. Arthur is even more surprised when the pastor explains that he believes Irene has been chosen by God. But the biggest surprise of all is what happens when Irene shows up and starts to paint.

Runs Jan. 16 - Feb 15, 2015 
(previews begin Jan. 10)
Tickets $18-$24

All performances at Theater Wit, 1229 W Belmont, Chicago
For tickets and showtimes go to:

Penny is a Chicago playwright and an All Saints' parishioner. She wrote this script while working her way through the 4-year Education for Ministry course at All Saints. At EFM, Penny developed an appreciation for lively theological debate; she also developed an appreciation for oatmeal cookies and hummus.


bowlingLace up your bowling shoes because RCS' favorite winter fundraiser is just around the corner! Women's Bowing Madness will be on
Sunday, February 15th, 7-10pm.

$50 reserves your spot on the lanes as well as lovely rental bowling shoes, pizza and revelry. Contact Lori to sign up.

Registration is now open!

campOur hope at Camp Chicago is to give our campers the best week of their entire year. We want them to have fun and know what it means to laugh so hard you're gasping for air. We want them to feel challenged and know they can dare to attempt new things. We want them to make lasting friendships. And we want them to know they are loved by God and called to a life of purpose and meaning. So if that sounds like something you'd like to be part of, you can sign up today!

Online Registration for 2015 camp sessions is now open!

Learn more about Camp Chicago here.


This August will mark the tenth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.  Since Katrina hit, All Saints' has sent 13 teams down to Louisiana to help in the recovery and rebuilding efforts.   We have also raised over $90,000 to help in the recovery effort.   The first few years, the teams spent all their time in New Orleans gutting and rebuilding homes.   About 5 years ago, we heard a presentation on the importance of the wetlands in protecting New Orleans by acting as buffer during storm surges.  This presentation also brought to our attention the rapid loss of the wetlands due to many manmade factors.  Since then we have been spending part of our trip volunteering to help restore the wetlands.

This April we will be sending our 14th group down.   We plan to spend the first half of the week in New Orleans working with Jericho Road Episcopal Housing Initiative clearing and revitalizing blighted properties.  The second half of the week we'll be down in the bayou working for BTNEP (Barataria Terrebone National Estuary Project) on a wetland restoration project.

Our next trip will be  April 12 - 18, 2015.  If you are interested in coming or have questions, please contact Lynn Bowers at or Rob Book at shoresmaller

Bonnie's sermon about Ferguson and Race from November 30 as published in the Huffington Post.

A dot on the map, a difference in the world. All Saints’ is proud to be making a difference in the lives of people as far away as Africa, Mexico, and Louisiana and as nearby as our neighbors in the Ravenswood neighborhood. Less trumpeted, but of no less importance, is the care quietly provided for members of our congregation by members of our congregation. Sometimes called love on a plate, or love on wheels, this ministry might mean providing a meal for a family with a new baby, driving someone to an appointment or to church, babysitting for a few hours, shoveling snow, picking up groceries, etc. These are usually short-term needs, limited to a few weeks’ duration.

When a need is identified, volunteers are contacted and invited to participate. Each person decides what fits his or her schedule. In many cases, a care calendar is set up that specifies what service is needed, alerts you to special conditions like dietary restrictions, and provides locations and schedules. Information for accessing the care calendar is shared with members of the volunteer team, not the whole parish. When you sign up to deliver a meal or offer a ride, the care calendar software confirms the appointment and will even send you an email reminder.

If you would like to be part of this group of volunteers, please send your contact information (name, street address, phone numbers [home, work, cell], email address) to Please specify what you are able to do: meals only, driving, childcare, special skills you have, etc.

Questions? Margaret McCamant (, 312.475.9045.

Next Meeting: January 8 at 8pm

The All Saints Book Club is open to anyone who enjoys reading and wants to participate in an informal discussion of the month's book. We generally meet at a member's home and have refreshments while discussing the book and life.

Our next meeting is January 8 at 8:00 PM, where we will be discussing "Santaland Diaries" by Joe Manello and David Sedaris. 

The book club posts its meetings on Facebook. The next several books currently planned are: 

Feb. 12 "Empire of Sin" by Gary Krist
March 12 "Gone Girl" by Gillian Flynn
April 9 "Everything Must Change" by Brian D. McLaren

 Contact Mike Burke here with any questions. 

Our work is proceeding on schedule. All of you have seen the initial exterior work on the north wall, with the removal of the stucco cladding (ca. 1905) and exposure of the original church wall, hidden for over a century! This sample area was repaired and painted for your inspection with the procedures and colors that will be used throughout. Ron Young and his crew also dug a hole to the bottom of the foundation to ensure the exterior solidity of the brickwork. The wise builders in 1883 had actually parged the foundation exterior with a coating of mortar to prevent water infiltration. We were satisfied with their work, still largely intact, and filled the hole back in.

A number of stained glass windows have also been removed and are being repaired by our widow contractor, Opal Glass.

Largely unseen by almost everyone, however, is the ongoing work in the basement. The original dirt floor is now concrete! The entire interior foundation wall has been repaired, using hundreds of new bricks to replace ones that had simply crumbled over the last 130 years. Ron has, with his subcontractors, completed extensive repairs and upgrades to our electrical and mechanical systems. The organ remains out of service for the moment as we complete a new roomfor the organ turbine and mechanicals, again replacing the one built when the organ was installed around 1924, and now in complete disrepair.

As is to be expected in any project like this, we have run into unexpected extras. Most have been small and are simply repairs to shoddy work done in the past. However we have run into two major extras as described below.

The first is a second structural beam in poor condition. We knew we had to reinforce one beam and budgeted for it. However this second beam could not be seen at the time of our estimating, being hidden by a wall now removed. When we found it we also noted that it has been actively deteriorating, with a new split having just appeared. We have installed emergency shoring while we address the structural issues to repair it.

The second is what we call the North Vestibule. This is the small area you pass through if exiting the Sanctuary to the ramp. Some of you may have noticed here, on the north interior, a long-abandoned wooden door with a stained glass window above it.

This was an addition added after the original Sanctuary, to provide access to Wilson Avenue. Because it was clad in stucco like the rest of the building, we could not see its foundation. Well - surprise! There is no foundation under this small area! Only several cedar posts support it, a common practice a century ago since cedar lasts for decades. This is how the front vestibule was built as well - and as we know, we've run out of time with those posts too, which are failing. So we propose installing a true foundation under this North Vestibule in the same way that we will under the front vestibule in the future.

The long and short of all this description is to let you know all work is going well, and though we have additional costs there seems to be room in our budget. We simply have to repair both the second beam and address the vestibule foundation.

We will remain alert to opportunities for savings as the work proceeds.

We will keep you posted as we proceed. Please feel free to contact us with any questions, or if you wish to see the basement.

Stephen Christy

Larry Dieckmann

Sunday Service Times

8:00 am Inclusive Language Eucharist
9:00 am Holy Eucharist with Choir
10:00 am Children's Church School
10:00 am Coffee Hour
11:00 am Holy Eucharist with Choir


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